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Understand About Low Touch and High Touch Clients

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Dołączyła: 08 Wrz 2022
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Wysłany: 2022-09-08, 07:44   Understand About Low Touch and High Touch Clients

Today we know that more than buying our products and services, customers are looking for a company that maintains a close relationship with them. But is there a single formula for treating all customers? Your customer success department already knows that the answer to that question is no. and today we are going to talk about low touch and high touch customers. Get ready to know a little more about each one and learn how important it is to identify them in order to apply effective strategies. Fix your posture and get ready to read that today the blog has great tips for your cs. come on! Index low touch and high touch customers what are they? Low touch customers 1 marketing 2 communication technologies clientes high touch.

Vo ip technology low touch and high touch customers what are they? Contrary to what many associate, the terms low touch and high touch are not linked to the degree of importance that the customer has for the company. The concept concerns intensity; volume, frequency and form, which is given to communication with your lead. And what Albania Phone Number dictates this are the metrics you identify according to the demand and service needs of each customer. Paying attention to how the customer prefers to be served is what will classify them in each of these modalities. For example, low touch customers are those who prefer virtual, more dynamic and faster services.

Whatever profile your client fits into strategies and customizations are thought out with equal care. Both will expect the same attention from your company so that they have a satisfying experience. So it's good to study how to serve each of them well. Low touch customers low touch customers are those who choose to communicate in virtual ways with your company's customer service, with little or no human interaction. This type of customer seeks automated solutions that are fast and effective. The so-called e-commerce is a great example of low touch sales. Everything is done through a website, without the need, in most cases, to speak with an attendant.
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